Thursday, October 8

1859: The Coulston Chantry

150 years ago today the Coulston chantry altar was consecrated. The chapel was founded for Thomas Coulston of Well House, who left £2000 to the parish upon his death in 1856; this money, Canon Billington tells us, "gave the impulse to building the church." He goes on to give a description of the chantry: "The chapel opens into the aisle by two arches filled with iron screen-work. The roof is vaulted in stone. The floor of the chapel is one step above the aisle, and two more steps lead up to the altar. This was consecrated on October 8, 1859."

"The front of the altar has three ornamental panels, and as reredos there is under an arch a beautiful Pieta, or group showing our Lord in His Mother's arms after the taking down from the cross; this was carved by Ginflowski. The dedication is to the Sorrows of our Lady, St. Thomas the Apostle, and St. Thomas of Canterbury. During the jubilee alterations [1909] the floor was relaid in marble, with stone strips."