Saturday, February 14

Thomas Coulston of Well House

Parish benefactor Thomas Coulston, of Well House, died on this day in 1856. Today an image of him kneeling in prayer (above) can still be seen on a plaque in the Coulston chantry close to the Cathedral entrance. Billington writes of the plaque, "It represents the founder [of this chapel] kneeling at the foot of a floriated cross, at the sides whereof are six scrolls bearing the names of his father Thomas, his mother, stepmother, brother and sisters." The stained glass images in this chapel show St Thomas the Apostle and St Thomas of Canterbury. The benefactor may have had some influence in this choice! The inscription at the foot of the plaque, seen below, speaks not only of his donations to the church and convent but also of his gifts to "the poor schools, in which for 28 years he himself taught on Sundays."