Monday, January 5

1958: From the Notice Book

5th January 1958 - from the notices read at Mass:
"The Catholic Reunion will be held in Ashton Hall on Feb 14th. The Mayor and Mayoress will be present. We ask you to buy your ticket now 8/= so that you will not be disappointed. We appeal for prizes for the whist and domino drive on this occasion."
"Bench rents due today."

This short extract from the Notice Book gives a flavour of parish life at the time. The reference to 'bench rents' relates to the practice of families paying money to rent a certain bench in the church. Family names were fixed to the back of benches to ensure that there was no confusion. The practice died out some time ago, and none of the benches in the nave now have names on them, though this bench under the organ gallery was obviously missed when names were removed!