Saturday, September 19

The Centenary II

Today's post on the Centenary of the Cathedral features some of the official photographs which have survived in our archive. Here some of the significant figures of the time are pictured on the Cathedral lawn. The Mayor of Lancaster, Councillor Cecilia Pickard, is seen with her mayoral chain; to the left of her we see Bishop Flynn, and further left is Monsignor Oswald Brimley. To the right of the Mayor, Archbishop Heenan of Liverpool is seated.

Here the Bishop and Archbishop are pictured amidst a great crowd of local clergy. Some of the priests pictured are still working in the Diocese today.

A smaller group - perhaps local priests - are seen here with Monsignor Brimley. We know the names of some of those pictured, but would be grateful for any further information. Click on each picture for a slightly larger version, and if you can shed any light on those pictured, please contact us.