Sunday, March 15

Elizabeth Dalton: the last of a devoted race

During March Billington's Blog is looking at, amongst other things, the former Catholic chapel at Dalton Square. Today we look at one of the Dalton family, who were very prominent in Lancaster, and were also faithful Catholics even from the days of the Reformation. In the Cathedral Lady Chapel is a memorial (at present in need of a little restoration) to the family. Elizabeth Dalton, who died on this day in 1861, gave £1098 for the chapel to be built. The inscription on the memorial reads as follows: "Pray for the five sisters of the family of Dalton of Thurnham: Charlotte, deceased Feb. 28, an. 1802; Mary, Aug. 17, 1820; Bridget, Aug. 5, 1821; Lucy, Nov. 14, 1843; and Elizabeth, Mch. 15, 1861. Elizabeth, the last of a race firm through troublesome times in their devotedness to the Catholic faith, which they sustained in this neighbourhood by their sufferings and influence, built and endowed this chapel of our Lady Immaculate to secure for herself and sisters the prayers of the faithful."