Thursday, February 19

1928: Bishop's Visitation

Bishop Thomas Wulstan Pearson, our first Bishop, is seen here with some priests and altar servers. The photo was found in the Cathedral archive though does not seem to have been taken here. Bishops make regular visitations to all the parishes of their Diocese, but perhaps these visits are less demanding than they used to be. The notice book for this day in 1928 gives some details of a visit from Bishop Pearson: "Today His Lordship the Bishop is making his Visitation of the Cathedral. He will be received by the Rector at the door of the church at 11 o’clock. They proceed to the High Altar, where after some prayers the Bishop retires to a priedieu and assists at Mass. After Mass he will visit the altars and confessionals and examine the vestments and altar linen. This evening he will deliver his visitation address, give the absolutions, and then, during Benediction he will examine the tabernacle and the vessels containing the Blessed Sacrament. Everyone who is able should be present tonight."