Wednesday, February 18

1951: The Rosary Crusade

In February 1951 the parish took part in a 'Rosary Crusade'. A number of special events and rallies were held, and sermons given, all encouraging families to pray together and particularly to pray the Rosary. The crusade was led by the well-known Fr Patrick Peyton CSC, who travelled the world leading events such as these. He is seen above, standing at the microphone. Bishop Flynn (2nd Bishop of Lancaster) is seen towards the left of the table next to the Mayor; auxiliary Bishop Pearson is to the right of Fr Peyton. The notice book from this day in 1951 advertises a rally in Morecambe: "Next Sunday there will be a gigantic rally at Winter Gardens, Morecambe at 3pm for Catholics and non-Catholics of this area. Spread this news and bring your friends - we want 4000 people there to show these Americans what faith in Our Lady means." Obviously they were out to impress Fr Peyton, who was born in Ireland but had emigrated to the United States in the 1920s. The appeal seemed to work: on 4th March it was announced, "We were delighted with the success of the Rally at Morecambe last Sunday - we thank you for the way you responded to the cause, and congratulate you on the full assembly."