Sunday, May 31

1925: Electric Lights

84 years ago there was clearly controversy in the Cathedral over the installation of some electric lights. The notice book for this day in 1925 contains the following: "The offerings for the Electric Lighting amount to date to £78-19-0." Then comes the interesting bit; the entirity of the next section is bracketed off and the word 'omit' has been added: "The two lamps in the church are only samples. We welcome the criticism of the congregation. The primary object of the lamp is to light the church not to decorate it. There is no doubt about the illuminating power of these lamps, though some may think they are ugly. Possibly they may grow on you, especially if you picture a complete line of them and forget the familiar clusters. But remember they are only an experiment." It seems likely that the congregation were happy to provide more criticism than was actually welcome on this particular issue!