Monday, May 18

1934: How to recognise a nun

The Cathedral, like every parish, receives almost monthly warnings about people who may be operating a scam in our area. It's rare that the people mentioned ever turn up, but it is always best to be on one's guard against imposters pretending to be priests or nuns. It's obviously not a new problem, as the notice book for 20th May 1934 indicates: "There have been two persons going round the parish under the name of Little Sisters of the Poor of Nazareth – these are not our nuns. In future you may know whether or not they are genuine by asking them if they have a letter from our Bishop, or if they have his name on their books, or if notice has been given of their visiting from the pulpit." Useful advice. The nuns pictured here are, we should point out, entirely genuine - that could even be a letter from the local bishop in her hand!