Monday, August 17

Summer in Hornby

Those who know the small village of Hornby, a few miles outside of Lancaster, will recognise its castle on the skyline of the photograph above. All of these pictures were taken at Hornby at an event marking the centenary of the death of the celebrated priest and historian Fr John Lingard. He died on 17 July 1851, so we can presume that this event took place somewhere around the same date in the summer of 1951. Although the date of this blog post is, therefore, a month late, the images are too good not to share!

Clearly Mass was celebrated by Bishop Thomas Bernard Pearson, the auxiliary bishop who had been ordained a couple of years ealier. Here he blesses the huge crowd which had gathered.

The scale of the event is extraordinary, as can be seen from these images. Clearly Catholics must have come from all around the surrounding area (perhaps even from further afield) to celebrate the anniversary.

Amongst those who played their part were a team of bellringers from the Cathedral, who rang the bells in Hornby to commemorate the anniversary. If some of the faces look familiar, you may have seen them before: click here to be reminded!