Monday, August 3

Monsignor Slattery and the thief

Monsignor Francis Slattery, who took over from Monsignor Brimley as Administrator of the Cathedral in 1975, is pictured here. He served at the Cathedral until 1987, and was Provost of the Chapter until 2009. He currently serves as Parish Priest at St Herbert's, Windermere. Monsignor Slattery won a mention in this week's Lancaster Guardian newspaper, which (in the nostalgia section) reproduced a report first published on 3rd August 1984. It tells of how a burglar had entered both Cathedral House and the neighbouring convent and had taken a total of £208. When the man fled, having been disturbed by Convent superior Sister Colette, Monsignor Slattery gave chase, and was soon assisted by two local men. The thief was eventually caught on Moor Lane just outside the Duke's playhouse. It may have been one of the less significant events in the history of the Cathedral, yet it gives a small insight into the varied duties of Cathedral clergy - and even Administrators - over the years.