Saturday, June 27

Flower Festival 1996

Before the present event, the last Flower Festival at the Cathedral took place in 1996. It was organised to celebrate the Episcoal Silver Jubilee of the then Bishop of Lancaster, Rt Rev. John Brewer. The dates for the festival were 19th-21st July, though the event is being remembered now in order to coincide with the 150th anniversary festival.

As it was a celebration centred on the Bishop, symbols of the episcopate were of particular importance. Mitres were in evidence at the entrance (top image) and (as seen here) at the old cathedra (Bishop's throne).

The 1996 festival took place within a year of the Cathedral reordering. The triptych - recently restored to its original position - is seen here, in the decorated Blessed Sacrament chapel.

The baptistery, along with each side chapel, was also decorated. The scenes were arranged by flower clubs from all over the Diocese; the names of towns as far afield as Workington appear in the festival programme.

It seems that a great many people came to view the festival over the weekend, and people still have fond memories of this event. Hopefully the 2009 Flower Festival will also provide some happy memories for years to come.