Sunday, April 26

The Te Deum Window

At the west end of the Cathedral is found the glorious Te Deum window, an illustration of the great hymn of praise; the window was installed in 1888. Christ is seen seated in glory at the centre, with the Holy Spirit above and Our Lady at the foot of the image. Canon Billington takes more than a full page to describe the window, and gives details of the saints and Old Testament characters that can be seen here: St Peter, King David, St Stephen, St Thomas of Canterbury, St Alban, St George, St Edmund, St Oswald, St John the Baptist and St Elizabeth, St Joseph, St Anne, Sainst Ambrose and Augustine (who are traditionally credited as the authors of the hymn), St Joseph, St Edward the Confessor, St Richard, St Charles Borromeo, St Mary Magdalene, St Gertrude, St Helen, St Catherine of Alexandria. Billington's lengthy list of saints is by no means exhaustive; click on the image above to enlarge it and see for yourself. The window was given by Joseph Smith, who died on this day in 1889.