Friday, July 31

Ordinations II

The Cathedral has hosted many ordinations over the years: five bishops and many priests have been ordained here. Since the restoration of the permanent diaconate there have also been a number of deacons ordained in the Cathedral, and today we see some pictures of one such ordination: that of Rev. Paul Marley, who sent in these images. As can be seen above, Paul was ordained by Bishop John Brewer; the date was 20th July 1991.

These photographs reveal a little about the Cathedral's liturgical arrangement at the time. A carpet covers the sanctuary and a wooden lectern is in use. The choir stalls (which appear to have flourescent lights built in; these are now gone) are being used for concelebrants. Four years later the Cathedral was reordered and much of these things were changed.

A Lancaster deacon, Rev. Paul Wawszczyk, is seen assisting; we might also note the work of the Diocesan MC at that time, Canon Tom Dakin, who is seen stood on the right of the Bishop.